90-Day Sex Rule
90 Day Sex Rule

The 90-day rule refers to when a person waits 90 days in a new relationship to have sex. Usually, it refers to the woman waiting 90 days but it can apply to anyone. You shouldn't put so much pressure on the sex part of a starting a relationship. Your first instinct should be, if you even like the person you’re dating. Now, if you know me, I don’t judge. You can get it on, the first date, after 90 days or never. You have to do what works best for you. Don't do the 90 days to trap a guy. If a guy has a hit it and quit it mentality. No amount of days will change that f*ckboy.

I do think if you like a person and you don’t want your feelings hurt that it’s good to wait a bit before sex. So you can get to know the person. But if you feel you got to know them on that first date and you can’t hold back. Then go for it! You have to listen to yourself. Create your own social norms. Since I keep it 100 with y’all. I’ve never had sex on the first date. That’s because I usually don’t know how I completely feel about someone until around date number 3. Then It’s a few more dates until I’m ready to see some D. Now I said a few dates I didn’t say 90 days. That’s MY timeline though.

Anyway, if you decide to do the 90-day rule you should still hint to the person that you’d like to take things slow. You don’t have to outright say you’re doing the 90-day rule. Gage their response, pay attention to body language and follow up questions. If you tell someone that and they still try to pressure you that’s red flag number one.

If sex is important, make sure to get intimate in other ways during the 90 days. Since if they can’t make out or kiss. You can throw the whole plan away because the sex might end up being trash at the end of this. So check out their make out and dry hump technique. That’s what you’ll have to work with later… naked.  I speak for the sexually charged women. If you don’t care what his D game is. Carry on with the 90 days.

I don’t agree with the 90-day rule because it’s a rule. When it comes to relationships you can’t always have strict rules. You have to live and let things flow. Things can get complicated and you can miss out on fun moments when you stick to rules.  Especially when there is no one size fits all rules when it comes to sex. People have gotten married after hooking up the first night they met. While people have waited 90 days to get screwed over and their feelings hurt. It’s best to get to know the person that you’re dating and be open-minded about when the next step will be. Listen to yourself and make your own decisions.


What are your thoughts on the 90-day rule? Let me know in the comments! 

Underrated Sex Position
Underrated Sex Position.png

Today we're going to talk about an underrated sex position. It's got a bad rap and I don't understand why. I’m talking about the missionary position. I'm talking about that old-fashioned vintage sex. People like to pretend they don’t love missionary. Even though most of them do it all the time! If you don’t love missionary here are 2 simple tips to fix that. If you don’t know what missionary is, good luck I can’t help you. But Google can!


Now, how to make missionary fun? People don't enjoy missionary because the person on the bottom isn't participating. The top is sweating their ass off doing thrusting planks while the other person lays there. It’s a workout to be on top. Get involved to make it more fun. If you’re on the bottom you can move around - thrust back, grab their ass, touch their body, become part of the missionary. This will make it more enjoyable for both of you.


Another reason people hate missionary is that it’s the only position they do. If you're only doing one position then, of course, you’re going to hate it. Switch it up sometimes and then go back to missionary. You’ll find it more enjoyable when you come back to it after awhile. It’s very intimate. You can lock eyes, talk dirty etc.

I enjoy a lot of positions, but missionary will always be an oldie but goodie. You should learn to love it cause at the end of the day. You’re still having sex and that’s awesome!


What are some other tips to make the missionary position more fun? Let me know in the comments!

What Does Thirsty Mean

Let’s chat about the word “thirsty.” If you guys don't know what it means, it’s when a guy (or girl) is showing a lot of interest in someone they’re attracted to. When a girl feels a guy is giving too much attention she might call him “thirsty.” In the girl’s eyes, he's doing too much. Yes, there are creepy guys out there that are annoying - they call 24/7, text too much etc. I'm not talking about those guys. I'm talking about a nice cute guy that starts to show interest in you. Then, because he’s showing interest instead of ignoring you, he gets call thirsty.

Let me break this down. If you like a guy and he makes effort to get to know you, that's not a bad thing. That’s what you want. Someone you like, to like you back. If you call a guy thirsty because he doesn’t wait 6 hours to text you back. Then the problem is with you and your self-worth. Let me reiterate I’m not talking about creepy guys. I'm talking about normal guys, doing normal things to date you.

We have this idea that chasing a guy that’s not interested is cool. Whereas a guy showing he’s available is a turn-off. We need to shift those ideas. It’s not cool to be into the guy that doesn't show any interest in you. That hardly texts you back, makes dates and breaks them. That’s wack AF.

A guy that calls you when he says he's going to call you, texts you back right away and makes plans is not thirsty. That is a guy about his business and doesn't have time for games. You deserve a guy to treat you well. You don’t deserve to chase a guy that gives you half his time. I don’t like the term thirsty because sometimes it applies to guys trying to date the right way. We shouldn’t discourage that. We should embrace the attention as how a healthy relationship starts.


What are your thoughts on the word “thirsty?” Let me know in the comments.

Top Signs You're About to be Friend zoned
Top 2 signs your heading to the friendzone.png

How to avoid the friend zone? I’m going to teach you how to pump the breaks before you become “a friend.” If it’s too late and you’re already in the friend zone you might want to check out “3 Tips to Get Out The friend zone.”

Anyway, the girl you like is cute, fun and you enjoy spending time with her. You’re not sure if she’s interested, but you have a good rapport when you see her. So, how do you avoid becoming her BFF? Now, can guys and girls be friends? YES. This topic isn’t about that. It’s about when you like a girl and you want to be more than friends.

You have to make your intentions clear from the get-go. You tell her, “hey I want to go on a date with you. I'm interested in you on a deeper level.” When she hits you with friendship goals. You let her know you can’t be friends because of your feelings for her. You say it all up front. Trust me, you don’t want to be three years down the line - seeing her getting married while she makes you her Man of Honor.

Here are the Top 2 signs you’re heading to the friend zone.


She asks you to help her move, paint her house or any other service around the house. She hangs out with you with no makeup on in her rattiest pajamas with her hair fucked up. She doesn’t care if she sees you when she’s sick.


She talks to you about other guys and asked for dating advice. You’re not her therapist. You don’t want to hear about the guy she hooked up with that, aren’t you!

Those are the main signs you’re heading into the friend zone. If she does either of those cut the friendship off.

Remember Make your intentions clear. Even if you’re nervous about rejection, you’ll be okay. It’s better to know! That way, you can move on if you need to. You’re never going to enjoy a friendship if you’re harboring loving feelings. Do not torture yourself, be real with yourself and your feelings.


Are there any other tips for avoiding the friend zone? Let me know!


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