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New Year's Resolution Fail!
Fuck New Year's resolutions

To start off this year, I decided to forgo any lie to myself that I would complete some absurd New Year's Resolution. In fact, I just didn't even try. If you remember last year, I wrote: "New Year's Resolution's That Don't Suck." I must say I was successful in completing most of those. Though, I set the bar pretty low. Haha

I'm a firm believer that if you want to change something, you should do it in that instant. Example if you decide you're going to start working out. Then go run, that day. Don't leave it for "Monday," or in this case "New Year, New Me."

Still, in having fun with the idea of New Year's Resolutions. I did a video explaining the top three resolutions you should have for yourself. Flipping the switch on the usual.

1. Fluctuating Weight - Accept the fact that sometimes you might be a few extra pounds than you'd like to. That's okay, embrace that sh!t.

2. Accept your Singla AF status - You might find the love of your life or you might be single all year. That's okay, just have fun and put yourself out there. Don't place so much pressure on yourself.

3. Make tiny changes - The smaller, the more attainable the goal. Once you can get these little changes down. It will be easier to tackle the big goals. 

That's pretty much it! See? Those resolutions look easy and they ARE easy. I still won't do them, but maybe you will. hahaha

To get a more in-depth look at these resolutions check out my latest YouTube video, "New Year's Resolution Fail!"

Do you have any New Year's Resolutions? Let me know in the comments!


I recently made the switch to a Vegan lifestyle. I use that term loosely, because there's a lot of different Vegans out there. I'm a level one Vegan. Which means, I'm doing it for health and vanity reasons. Saving animals is just an awesome bonus. Yay animals! I'm a Level one Vegan to the point I call myself, "Vegetarian with Vegan tendencies." 

In my newest YouTube video I discuss my journey into becoming a Vegan. The struggle is real but worth it. Here are a preview of the thoughts I share about this Vegan adventure: 

1. I don't fuck with tofu. I've tried it - up, down, sideways, fried, and grilled. I gave it a good shot and I hate tofu.

2. I need some Vegan rules or commandments. There are so many types of Vegans we need to clear this shit up in the most basic way possible. Please for the sake of people trying to jump into this lifestyle.

3. If there is an Animal Apocalypse. I'm safe. I might even become the Queen of the animals. Which that is worth it right there. You should become Vegan for that point alone.

4. You're going to fucking miss cheese. To the point of dreaming about it. Vegan cheese is not cheese. It's a sad distant cousin to cheese, but it's not cheese. I'm on a mission so far Cashew Cheese and Trader Joe's Vegan cream cheese is the only option I fucks with.

You can watch the full take on becoming a Vegan in my latest YouTube video. Where I also ask the hard hitting question, "If you find a unicorn in the woods, is it a unicorn?"

Are you a Vegan? Would you become one? Share your stories in the comments below!