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Scared of Santa
Scared of Santa

As a child, I loved the holidays. It was always full of wonder and fun. Christmas growing up was in Denver Colorado. Which meant a white Christmas with snow. I remember when I had my first Christmas in Los Angeles. It was a surreal experience. It didn't feel like the Christmas' that I was accustomed to. I missed the smell of Christmas. The smell of fresh snow. It's a distinctive smell that wraps you up in the holidays.

Regardless, no matter where I celebrated Christmas. One thing ran true, my fear of Santa. It was a love/hate relationship. I loved that he brought me presents. I hated that he had to break into my house to do so. I was a weird child, I don't know why I was so scared of him. Maybe because he was a stranger.  That's the reason I couldn't sleep on Christmas Eve. Not just because of the presents. But also because Santa, the jolly terrifying man, was coming. I  didn't want any conversations or Christmas adventures. Just leave the presents and go, Santa.

My latest video shares my fear of Santa in hilarious detail. Make sure to check it out below:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

WTF: Porn Stories
Porn Stories Tiffy Diamond

I've discussed my new Vegan lifestyle and how to talk to your crush. My latest video talks about the taboo topic of porn. Growing up and learning about sex, most millennials stumbled on some form of pornography. Whether magazine, scrambled porn or late night Cinemax. For some reason, it's believed that only boys growing up have these stories. That girls would never struggle with trying to watch scrambled porn. 

My latest video combats that, girls do wonder about sex. In fact, I go over a few funny stories about how I learned about sex.

1. Grandma's Old Stash - Exploring your grandparents house can lead to more than you bargained for. In this case, it was an old ass Playgirl magazine. Which I shared with every girl cousin I knew. This was our eye opening experience. Especially since manscaping didn't exist yet.

2. Scrambled Porn - Oh this generation has it so easy! The fun in scrambled porn is you assumed it was sex. With all the static, zig zags and horrible connection you never really knew. You would spend hours, just to see 2 seconds of sex. Seconds that you appreciated with all your heart.

3. Buying Playgirl - You know you're a teen when you think the guy at the newsstand gives a fck about what you buy. After weeks of planning, my best friend and I decided to buy our own Playgirl. Later in life this magazine would come to haunt me, when my father found it while helping me move out of the house. 

4. Porn Party - What's that you ask? It's when a group of nerdy theatre kids (raises hand) decide to watch porn together. It was a pizza party and instead of movies we watched porn. Learning experience, yes. Awkward looking back on, double yes. 

You can hear about these stories in hilarious detail in my latest YouTube video. In hopes that it reminds you that it's okay to talk about these subjects. Since at one point we were all curious about the bow chicka wow wow.  

How did you learn about sex growing up? Let me know in comments!

Tiffy Diamond
WTF: Annoying People in The Grocery Store
Annoying People in the Grocery Store

I like to do my grocery shopping at night. This is because it feels like less of a cluster fck trying to get around. Being in a crowded market is a true test of zen. The downside to shopping at night is, the freaks come out. I'm quite aware that me shopping at night, makes me a weirdo too. I accept that. Watch my latest YouTube below to see my grocery shopping pet peeves and the people I encounter.

What are your pet peeves when shopping? Share in the comments!