Closure After Breakup

Closure After Breakup

Do you get closure after a breakup? Yes, but you have to find it for yourself. Let’s face it, there are a lot of weak ways that people break up with each other. Through text messaging, ghosting and disappearing off the face of the earth. You can't control a person's actions. They can decide to leave one day, start a new life and never come back. It's crazy but it happens! When breakups happen with no explanation. The person who didn’t see it coming is often left with no closure from the experience. They have unanswered questions and want to know, WTF happened?

I don’t think you ever get closure from the person that broke your heart. I mean, if this person was to sit down with you and say, “hey! I know we’ve been in a relationship for three years. I’m not feeling this anymore I’m gonna leave.” Would you feel closure? No. You'd have a million questions to ask and still, you’d never actually know how they feel. You can't get in their head, can't climb into their ear and read their thoughts. Face it that’s what we all want.

The closure comes when you accept that you don’t get closure. There is closure in that reality. You have to realize breakups happen, it's not your fault and you have to move on. You're not going to get closure from having coffee with your ex. If anything that can open feelings you need to let go. It's easy to rationalize that you need "closure.” When deep down you want to be in the presence of the person again. You want them to beg for forgiveness or ask to rekindle the flame. But most of the times it won't play out that way. I've seen it happen. I've seen people have the conversation after breaking up and that still wasn't enough. I've also seen the people that knew the breakup wasn't their fault and moved on. Strive to be the latter.

Breakup closure takes time but always comes from within and being secure with yourself. Knowing that you gave the best in the relationship and if they want to leave or disappear then they're a coward. That's on them.

My point is, if someone breaks up with you and doesn’t tell you why. There's a lot of people going through it. You’re not alone in the breakup world. Sometimes you have to let it go and not let it eat you up inside. There's a better relationship waiting for you out there.


How do you get closure from a breakup? Let me know!