How To Be Interesting

how to be interesting

How to be interesting? Tough question. Usually, when people want to be "interesting" they want to be funny. They want to be the life of the party where people hang on their every story. Everyone has been funny at some point in their life. To become interesting, it’s your job to find your funny. Think about the time's people have laughed at you or with you. Build on those moments. Are you a person that has a subtle humor or dry humor? Being funny is about confidence, owning your jokes and finding your audience.

Guess what? Not everyone thinks I’m funny. When they don't, I find a group that does find me interesting. I find friends that mesh well with my personality. If you’re like, “No, I'm not funny and I don't want to try to be funny.” Here are some tips to show you’re interested without being funny.


Highlight your skills and intellect. If you have no intellect or skills find you some! If you're a musician or you know a crap about volcanoes, use that to your advantage. Be confident because people like friends that are passionate. They like learning from people who are smart or have a skill set they, don't have. They'll be like “wow that's so sexy, interesting and cool.” Trust me, you play it confident enough and you'll find someone that find that sexy. 


If you feel that you’re boring become a good listener. Be a person invested in others. In learning about others they'll feel more connected to you. People tend to be in competition to talk. Often waiting for the moment to jump in with their "point." Be the person that listens, asks questions and cares. That is a rare trait that people find attractive. Since people love to talk about themselves. If you're a person that helps them tell their story they're going to find you interesting. They’ll want to be around you because you are fueling their ego. People love to have their ego boosted!

There you have it! You don’t have to be funny to make friends and be interesting. You need to find what fuels you and invest in listening to others.


What are some tips for people who feel they’re boring? Let me know in the comments!


Tiffy Diamond