How To Have Bathtub Sex [4 Tips and Positions]

Photo: Girl in bathtub

Photo: Girl in bathtub

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How to have bathtub sex?

I enjoy bathtub sex but I find foreplay in the water then getting out of the tub works best for me. But you can have a great experience in the bathtub if you know how to do it right. I'm going to give the best tips for having bathtub sex. This is best performed during vacations when you get that special hotel room with the hot tub. You know what I’m talking about. The ones that make you say "oh, we get a tub if we pay x amount more money!"

Safety side note: If condoms are your main source of protection you can still have bathtub sex. But use the tub for foreplay then dry off and have penetrative sex somewhere else (not in water). Since condoms don't work well in water.

Here are the best tips for bathtub sex!

1. Get your lube on

Silicone lube and toys are your friends in water sex situations. If you want to incorporate toys you want them to be silicone. Water will break down toys made of other materials. With the cost of sex toys, ain't nobody got time for that! Also, can we talk about the cost of sex toys for a moment? I don’t want to have to choose between a vibrator and mortgage payment.

Anyway, for the lube, you want silicone based. I know you’re wondering, "But Tiffy I’m in the tub there’s water that will be my lube." No! You need to include lube if you're having water sex. Water will dry out your natural lubricate. Which does not make for a great sex experience. Find a natural silicone lube before starting water sex. I say natural so there are no irritations. There are some silicone lubes that don't break down in the water. A game changer for bathtub sex.

2. Make the water hot hot hot

You want that bath water as hot as you can stand it. Hot water gets the blood flowing which means more blood flow to the genitals. Also, sex with foreplay should take some time. You don’t want to find a groove and the water becomes cold. You’ll find that starting with hot water means the water will stay warm.

Bonus tip: Makes sure you don’t have the water up to your chin. Give yourself enough space to move or you’re in for a messy surprise from splashing.

3. Don’t feel confined by the tub.

Don’t feel like you have to surfboard like Beyonce. If the water isn’t working for you. Then get out of the tub or use the edge of the tub for foreplay and oral. Have sex against the tub. You are not confined to the tub. It still counts has bathtub sex. You still have earned the gold star that you have had sex in another place other than the bedroom. I find the tub is a great place to get warmed up and then get out.

4. Best positions for bathtub sex.

Positions I recommend for bathtub sex are doggy style, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. With doggy style do it standing or switch positions at some point. Because your knees are gonna be like HELP ME. With Doggy style and reverse cowgirl make sure the water is at manageable levels. The great thing about the cowgirl positions is you can use the edge of the tub for support when your legs get a bit tired.

They do have tub pillows if you feel like your knees can’t handle the porcelain. And if you don’t want to invest in bathtub sex like that. Then You can always submerse a towel if you don’t mind it getting wet.

I know Hollywood likes to have candles but unless you want your hair to catch on fire. Place the candles on the sink away from the tub you’re having sex in or around. Better yet use the fake ones!

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