How To Send Good Nudes

How to Send Good Nudes Image

How to Send Good Nudes Image

Sending nudes is a new form of communication that started with the invention of camera phones. A lot of people preach against it in the dating world because of revenge porn and leaks. It’s safer to not send nudes. But with the right person, it can be a fun form of foreplay.

When sending nudes you want to make sure the person that you’re sending them to is someone you trust. That, for the most part, they are a decent person. I find that it’s better to send nudes to a person you’re dating, or in a relationship with. But you can send nudes to crushes or people you’re interested in. I’m going to break down how to send good nudes and etiquette around it.

Never send unsolicited nude photos. Make sure that the person you’re sending them to knows you and wants a nude from you. How do you know if someone wants a nude photo? They’ll usually ask or hint about it. If they do you can have a flirty sexting conversation that leads to exchanging nudes.

Bonus Tip: Especially for guys! When you get a nude from someone you wanted one from. Make sure that you’re appreciative about it. You didn’t the see the retakes that it took to get to the photo we sent you. How do you get more nudes? By being grateful and showering compliments from the first nude. You’ll get more nudes in the future. It’s a lot to take a nude. It’s a vulnerable situation so make the girl feel comfortable for doing it.

Best nude of your life

When you take your nude always make sure that you took a photo that you’re okay getting leaked. Meaning you look the best to your ability. That’s the worst-case scenario but it happens.  Sometimes the person you send the photo to gets hacked. If you go into this confident about your nude you’ll feel better. Ask yourself if this is something you want to do and that you’re not feeling pressured.

Never let someone pressure you for a nude

Always send a nude photo because you want to. Not because some guy or girl is pressuring you. If a person is interested in you. They will like you regardless if you send a nude photo. There are weirdos out there. Block people from your life that make you feel uncomfortable.

Don’t show your face in nudes

Don’t show your face in nudes

Don’t show your face

If you’re sending a true nude with no clothes on. Make sure that your head is cropped out of the photo. This will help if anything happens in the future. It’s safer this way in case there are leaks or hacks. If you’re in lingerie and for the most part covered up then it’s a bit safer to show your face.

Have Fun

When taking nudes have fun with it. Wear sexy lingerie and accentuate your favorite body parts. Use good or natural light. You can often do this by facing a bright window. Just don’t flash all of your neighbors. Also, a big one for me, make sure that your background is clean. Whether it’s a bedroom or your bathroom. You don’t want focus taken away from your gorgeous body. Plus no one wants to see how messy AF you are.

Best lighting is natural light for Nudes

Best lighting is natural light for Nudes

Return the Favor

Make sure there is an equal exchange of goods if you’re sending nudes. Meaning, get a nude back from the guy or girl that you’re texting. This is what makes it fun and a great form of foreplay. Building anticipation for when you see each other. It is also safe because they’re less likely to show or leak your nude if they know you can do the same.

Once you hit send know that you are a sexy MF no matter who you are and that was a fire photo! If they don’t hit you back with the appreciation you deserve then let that be the last nude they get. They know that nude was the highlight of their day.


What are your tips for sending nudes? Let me know!