Top 3 Reasons You're Single (LADIES EDITION)

Top 3 Reasons You're Single

The main question running through you're mind when you're Single AF is... WHY? But WHY? I've already gone over places that you can find some damn dates with your lonely ass. Now I'm going to hit to the core. I'm going to give you the top 3 reasons you're part of the SINGLE AF CREW. This edition is for the ladies or anyone that identifies with being a lady. I got you all covered. 

Top 3 Reasons You're Single AF (LADIES)

1. You're Mean AF in da Club/Bar - If you're going out to a bar or club. Recognize that you're in a social environment. That means that people will try to talk to your ass. I'm not saying you have to entertain everyone that walks up to you. But gotdamn at least be courtesy when turning someone down. Be a little more open minded when meeting people. 

2. Cockblocking Girls Nights - These nights can be fun as hell. They can also bring a new realm of cockblocking. When you're doing Girls Nights with single or married friends let them know. "Hey I'm single so if I talk to a guy let me." Which is ridiculous to say, but I've seen many a cockblock from a girl's night. Usually a guy comes up to the group then the mother hen of friends says "HEY WE'RE HAVING GIRLS NIGHT. LETS GO" while dragging you away. Good job, you've sustained your single afness for another night.

3. Gotta Love Yourself - You have to love being with yourself. This makes other people enjoy being around you too. When you learn to be okay with being single you gain confidence. You get to know yourself better and you know what you bring to a relationship. 

The main takeaway from the Top 3 reasons you're Single is just to be a kind person. Go into your day wanting people to see the best version of you. Watch my latest YouTube to get the full rundown.

Tiffy Diamond