What is Ghosting?

what is ghosting

What is Ghosting?

Ghosting is a term in dating that applies to when a person that you’re “talking to” or “dating” disappears. By disappears I mean out of the blue, they stop contacting you. This can be awkward cause it means that you might still be messaging or calling them. To no avail because they’re ignoring you.

Sometimes a ghosting situation can turn into a “Casper” situation. Which is worse.

When is it ok to ghost someone?

I do believe there are some rules to ghosting. Though a controversial topic. You're allowed to ghost someone if you’re in the early stages of dating. This is 1-3 dates in or in the messaging phase. The messaging phase means that you’ve only talked to them through text or a dating app. In that time if you decide that you don’t like someone you have the right to “ghost” them without an explanation. We’ve all done it. Same applies for dates. If you’ve had a few dates and you decide it’s not working. You don’t owe that person a “break up” text. This is subjective and up to you. But I find breakup texts after only one date to be more awkward than never talking to that person again. But that’s me.

There is a disclaimer here. If the person you're talking to is a weirdo or psychotic you have the right to ghost at any time in the relationship.

When is it not ok to ghost someone?

I read a horror story recently about a girl’s boyfriend of two years ghosting her. Wow, that is a rough one. That would be the extreme and definitely not a good idea to ghost anyone that you’ve been dating for a while. It’s a coward thing to do. Anything longer than a few months and they’ve met friends and family they deserve a proper good-bye. You cannot ghost your way out of a relationship. Let them know that it’s been fun but you’re not interested in taking it further. You can leave it in a breakup text. After that text, you’re under no obligation to text further.

All have had a ghosting situation in dating. Whether it happened to us or we ghosted a person. Always break it down to how you would feel if it happened to you. Early on in dating you won't care. But if someone ghosts you after a few months then your feelings might be out of wack. So ghosting works best on a case by case basis. But the general rule applies. Early stages of dating you can ghost. Long term stages they deserve at least a breakup text.

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What are your thoughts on ghosting? Let me know!