Why Does My Ex Keep Contacting Me?

why does my ex keep contacting me

Why does my ex keep contacting me? Your ex keeps contacting you to see if you’ll respond. I know it sounds simple and it is. Breakups are hard on both sides. But the best part of a breakup is when you make a clean break and decide to cut contact with your ex completely. This is when your ex might try to contact you the most. It’s when they might decide, you were the best thing that ever happened to them. Hitting you with a “Hey Stranger” or slide into your DM after you post a selfie. It’s as though they smell your closure on the breakup. They feel it in the air and they want to try and screw it up.

It’s a test from the universe. To make sure that you’re strong. That you’re ready for a new relationship and dating.  When your ex keeps contacting you. How you handle the situation will dictate how you feel. If their superpower is smelling you’ve moved on, your superpower needs to be your self-worth.

It’s always when you’re the happiest, moved on or dating someone new. Pay attention to how you feel when they contact you. Remember, they’re your ex for a reason. The chances of them having “changed” are slim. When it comes to personality, change comes in small increments. Unless years have passed. The chances they made drastic personality changes in the course of your breakup are slim. It’s best to recognize that they’re still the same person they were before.

If you struggle coping with your ex contacting you. With it ruining a budding relationship. It's best to be single for a while. Get to know yourself. The true strength is to see that ex for what they are. A past experience you can’t rekindle or go back to. It’s best to ignore the DMs, Texts, or phone calls and close the chapter. You’ll be happy you did. Even if it takes awhile.

If you don’t think twice about your ex contacting you, ignoring it. Congratulations! You passed the test. You're ready for the next phase of your life.

The reason an ex contacts you is their insecurities. They want to feel you're still attracted to them. They want to make sure you’re not happier without them. It all comes down to the ego. Don't give them that satisfaction at the expensive of your happiness. Put in the work to move on. You will find a new person that will make you forget the feelings you had for your past love.

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What do you do when an ex contacts you? Let me know!