My favorite products and gear! YouTube and Travel equipment is at the top while beauty and skincare are at the bottom.

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YouTube Gear


This is all of the equipment I use to shoot my videos for YouTube. It includes the gear for shooting inside “talk to camera” setups and traveling vlogs. These setup works for me the best. I will add more equipment as my YouTube continues to grow. This is a great starter package if you're trying to figure out where to begin with YouTube videos. Pick and choose what works for you. All of the equipment I list is user-friendly, small and easy to travel with.

Travel Gear

I love to travel with a carry-on. I find that these items are my must for every trip. Feel free to see if anything would make your travel experience easier. As I fall in love with new travel accessories I will add them here.

Favorite Subscription Boxes

I love treating myself to these subscription boxes. The Ipsy Glam Bag Plus gives you 5 full-sized products every month for free shipping. You can customize your profile to include more of what you like whether skincare or makeup. I did a review of my first one here. I’ve been doing the Nordstrom Trunk Club for awhile and love my stylist. If you’d like my same Stylist click below. If you want to see what the Nordstrom Trunk Club is like I do an unboxing and try-on for each box I receive on my YouTube Channel.

Favorite Skincare

These are my favorite skin care items. They’re staples in my bathroom. I find that all of these items have been bought countless times. I’ll add to this list as I find more skin care products that I love.

Travel beauty and Skincare

Makeup, Skincare and Hair products I took on my trip to Thailand. I spent 11 days in a carry-on traveling between Bangkok and Phuket. The weather is very humid so I didn't know how I was going to handle makeup and hair during my stay. However, I found a combination that worked for me. If I travel back to Asia I'll be taking the same items I've listed below. The hair care products are especially helpful to black women traveling to Asia.

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