Bangkok, Thailand: Massage Cost and What to Tip

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Get massages when you go to Thailand. As soon as you’ve settled into your accommodations book a massage that day. The prices are reasonable and you can spoil yourself.

Near our hotel was a place called “The Thai Massage and Spa.” It had wonderful customer service and clean amenities. I booked the oil massage with lavender oil, but you can also get a traditional Thai massage. The oil massage was 900 BAHT ($28 USD) while the Thai started at around 250 BAHT ($8 USD). That’s a steal for what you get.

Interior The Thai Massage and Spa

Interior The Thai Massage and Spa

Complimentary tea and cookies

Complimentary tea and cookies

The rooms were private and came equipped with showers. They give you disposable panties and a robe. The massages I booked lasted 60 minutes. But you can also get longer. After the massage, they gave us tea and cookies and coupons for a free drink at the in-house cafe.

If you’re staying at a hotel they will have a spa available. But, I would do a quick search around the hotel's area cause you’re likely to find as a great place for a cheaper price.

Tiffy Travel Tips

  • If you like massages book more than one massage during your trip. When I go back I plan on having a massage every day! Even twice a day.

  • A lot of the Spas stay open pretty late! So don’t let time stop you from having a relaxing evening.

  • TIP the masseuse. A lot of time it’s the only payment they receive.

  • Tipping 50-100 BAHT per 30 minutes is a good rule. I tipped 200 BAHT for my services.

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