Before Your Trip: Thailand Travel Tips

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Before your trip to Thailand I have some useful travel tips. I get so excited when I have an upcoming trip that I often over prepare for it. I love to plan ahead and read about the areas I’ll be visiting. I find myself following a lot of travel vloggers and bloggers, stalking their suggestions and posts. Since I had never been to Asia before, I took a lot my research into account when planning my trip to Bangkok and Phuket Thailand. I’m gonna share what I did to prep for my travels.

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You’ll probably need a vaccination or two before you go. You can contact your primary care doctor or, if you’re like me, you can do a yelp search. Most travel vaccinations aren’t covered by insurance; I know because I checked. However, I found a great clinic in Los Angeles called Travelwise. It’s run by a lovely and helpful woman named Carla.

Carla was awesome because she went over my trip with me to discuss all the shots I should get based on where I was traveling. If you’re going to rural parts of Thailand and far away from large urban areas you’ll want to consider more vaccinations. I was going to Bangkok and Phuket, which are pretty touristy and well populated, so I didn’t need to get EVERYTHING. It was nice of her to not upsell me on every damn shot!

The shots I got may be different than the ones you need based off where you’re traveling. Just make sure that you get your shots at least 2 weeks before your trip so that they're in your system before you begin your journey.

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Be sure to call your banks and credit card companies to let them know you’re traveling. This ensures there won’t be any delays or complications if you need to use your ATM or credit cards.

I ordered some BAHT through my bank before the trip so I would have some currency on me when I arrived in Thailand. You can also use ATM machines when you get to your destination but you can be charged exorbitant foreign transaction/non-bank fees so it’s nice having cash ahead of time. Plus I had never used BAHT so I wanted to get familiar with the currency denominations.

When I went on my trip I also took about $140 cash in new $20 bills. When trading money in Thailand the currency exchanges prefer clean, crisp bills. The less worn out the money is means they’re more likely to exchange it. Also, it just never hurts to carry around USD in case of an emergency.

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  • Get your vaccinations at least 2 weeks before your trip. I used Travelwise.

  • If you want to save money get the vaccinations that you need based on the locations of your trip and what you’ll be doing.

  • When ordering BAHT from your bank only get small denominations. Everything is so cheap there that it can be hard to break large bills.

  • Take crisp new money if carrying emergency USD.

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