The Flash and Captain Marvel Film News

Film Chat this week, we talk about, The Flash and Captain Marvel. With my quirky side notes and thoughts added in for good measure. This week I bring up sex and cookies

The Flash starring Ezra Miller will hit theaters in 2018. The new director taking over for this film is Rick Fumiyama. The director behind last year's Sundance hit "DOPE." He also wrote and directed classics, "Brown Sugar" and "The Wood." Excited to see what he brings to the table since this will be his first big budget studio film. 

Captain Marvel will hit theaters in 2019. It will be the first Marvel film starring a female superhero. Though the first spot should go to Black Widow. Studios are in early negotiations with Brie Larson to portray the superhero. The Oscar winner is their first choice and Chris Evans has even praised the possibility.

To get a more in depth view on these movies make sure to watch the YouTube video!

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