How to talk to your crush if you're awkward

When it comes to letting my crushes know how I feel. I could use some work. I'm awesome an initiating conversation. It's just, how I start it and where it goes. I felt like I wasn't alone in my quest to get better with crushes. Therefore, I came up with some tips for talking to your crush if you're awkward. Watch my latest YouTube to see full details on my tips to talking to your crush.

Here's a brief overview:

1. Initiate Conversation - Whether it's going up to them in a bar or texting them first. Sometimes you just have to balls up and get it done.

2. Touch Them - Not in a creepy way. But in a playful touch his/her shoulder when they say something witty and on fire way.

3. Be Vulnerable - Nobody has time to wonder for months if you're just friends or more. Just let them know up front and save everyone some time in the process.

BONUS TIP: Get Drunk - Yep if all else fails, take a shot. This will make steps 1 - 3 easier to do. Also, this applies to adults that know what they're doing.

What tips do you have for talking to your crush? Let me know in the comments!