Talking vs Dating

Talking vs Dating. Photo of a couple.

Talking vs Dating. Photo of a couple.

What does talking mean? I don’t care what age you are, dating is confusing. We find ourselves running to the computer to decipher every text message, every word. What does it all mean? Are we dating? Are we just talking? It’s that last one that gets me the most irritated. We’ve developed a phrase between “dating” and “relationship” that confuses the process even more.

“Talking” in terms of a relationship. Seems like a nice way of saying, “this will do for now.” It doesn’t solidify what you are. If anything it leaves you wondering what it even means. “Talking” could mean - heading towards dating or heading towards a waste of time. With the latter winning most of the time.

When someone, guy or girl, is into you they’ll let you know. I promise. The person who says, “I’m talking to someone” with quivering confidence is the one about to get their feelings hurt. Communication is the best avenue to know if a relationship is heading somewhere. You’ll know if you’re both on the same page and will have no problem saying, “we’re dating.”

On the flip side, if you’re not serious about a person. When they try to define the relationship, tell them “we’re just talking.” This will give them time to escape the situation (if they’re smart). Otherwise, you already let them know that you’re only interested in “talking” which leaves you open to talk (date) anyone you want! You should be upfront from the beginning though. Let them know if you want to date other people and if you don’t see yourself settling down. Then if they still continue to see you, you have told them how you feel.

Dating is a puzzle sometimes. But if you stick to the core of it. When someone values you and your time. There are no games and there isn’t confusion about where a relationship is heading!

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