How to Date Seriously and Get a Relationship [3 Tips]

Photo: Coffee Date

Photo: Coffee Date

How to dating seriously?

Dating with a purpose will lead to a relationship. If You want a boyfriend, girlfriend or partner. You’re going to have to look at dating like a job. You have to go to a lot of job interviews to land the career of your dreams.

To take dating seriously it has to do with your mindset. You need to open yourself up to the process of meeting people. You’ll be happier if you know it’s a marathon and not a sprint. Here are 3 Tips on Dating and finding a relationship:

1. Confidence in who you are.

You’re a confident beautiful being. Love and be kind to yourself. The better you treat yourself the easier this dating thing will be. You’re going to have bad dates. You have to have the ability to brush off those experiences. If you don’t get a follow-up text the next day, don’t blame yourself. Most of the time it’s not about you. Focus on becoming the best you. Knowing that you’re putting your best foot forward. 

2. Know what you want.

It’s time to narrow down what you’re looking for in a significant other. What are the top qualities you want in relationship? and what are a few you can live without? I find it’s best to have the top three qualities you want and work with that. No one is perfect so lets help our chances by not having a long list of qualities we don’t have ourselves. If the people you’re dating don’t hit your top three qualities. Keep it moving. Be picky about the top things you want and pass on people that don’t fit the requirements.

3. Dating Apps are your friend.

I know it’s easy to hate on dating apps. But they’re doing a lot of work for you. They’re showing you a ton of people around you that (should be) single and ready to date. This is a lot easier than back in the day. Where you would go out see a person and hope they’re single. I’m not saying dating apps are better than meeting someone in real life. I’m saying this ups your chances of meeting more people. It’s also the future so we need to embrace it. With dating apps set your own rules - How long before a message first? When to set a date? Here are some other helpful tips for dating apps:

  • Use it once a day and stay on top of matches

  • Don’t forget about conversations with matches you like

Do what works for you but make it a routine and not something you forgot to open for 2 weeks at a time. This is your dating life we’re trying to fix!

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