Getting to Thailand: Hotel and Air Tips

Get from the airport to hotel thailand

For this trip, we choose Cathay Air. I’m sure there are more expensive options and cheaper options. I’m assuming this is somewhere in the middle. We took a redeye which helped with sleep on the plane and to adjust to the new time change. We had a minor 2-hour layover in Hong Kong on the way and a 7-hour layover in Hong Kong on the way back. I used my Chester Carry-on for the entire trip.

We did a package deal of flight and hotels. You can find some great ones online that include flight and hotel. In Bangkok we stayed in the Novotel and in Phuket we stayed at the Hilton. These are 4-5 star hotels. Great quality for the deal with the flight. The setback is preparing for some layovers if you’re planning this on a budget. Which I’ll give you some tips to make the layover not too bad!

Flying into Thailand

Flying into Thailand

long Airplane Travel

Aisle seats allow you to stretch at least one of your legs. Plus it allows you to walk around without sticking your butt in a stranger’s face or worse holding your pee.

When booking seats if you pick an aisle seat in the back of the plane you have more luck getting an empty seat next to you. This has worked for me a few times. Don’t go so far back you ‘re next to the lavatory. But people usually start at the front of the plane when booking and work their way to the back.

Compression socks and leggings are your friend. I find wearing compression socks and leggings help to keep my legs from aching on long flights.

If you’re a vegetarian order standard meal, they usually have a vegetarian option. Sometimes their “specialty” foods are lacking in comparison.

Traveling around Thailand

Traveling around Thailand

Travel From Airport to Hotel

If you’ve done your research about Thailand know the scams that happen there. A good rule of thumb for anywhere in the world. If a person comes up to you first and talks it’s a scam. Even if it’s not, best to assume it is. Once you know this you’ll be fine. Trust me. In Thailand, the taxi system has some scams of its own.

When you’re leaving your flight gate people will walk up to you and pretend they’re taxis or car services. They’re not, they’re trying to sucker you into some excursion or whatever. Ignore them and go outside to the Taxi area (follow official signs).

Once outside you’ll see lanes with marquees above them with numbers. There’s a kiosk where you can get a number it will say “Queue #” and match it to a lane that has a taxi in it.

At the taxi, let him know where you’re going and ask if he has his meter on. He will say yes or no. If he says yes, the meter should start at 35 BAHT. When the meter is on you’ll covering the cost of tolls on the way to the hotel. If the meter is turned off the rate is flat. Going to and from the airport I don’t think the meter matters too much. As long as you set your price beforehand. BUT if you’re traveling around the city, opt that they put it on so you save more money.

NOTE: When it’s rush hour traffic sometimes the taxis will NOT put their meters on. Negotiate ahead of time the price for taking you to your hotel.

For reference going from the Airport to the hotel with the meter on was about 300 BAHT (plus some tolls). Going from the hotel to the airport during rush hour with the meter off was 500 BAHT flat fee.

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