Makeup, Skincare and Haircare for Thailand

Makeup, Skincare and haircare tips for thailand

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The best makeup for Thailand is definitely a bare minimum look. I love makeup but I knew I was going to have to scale it back on account of the humidity. I put my makeup on in the beginning of the day and would try to get some photos when it was still fresh. The rest of the day I was basically like “screw it” and let the makeup melt off my face. Keep reading to learn about the makeup, skincare and haircare I took on my trip to Thailand.

How to do makeup for Thailand

How to do makeup for Thailand

How to wear makeup in Thailand

How to wear makeup in Thailand


Tinted Moisturizer with SPF

Waterproof Eyeliner

Waterproof Gel for Mascara

  • NYX brand has a waterproof mascara top coat that you can put on after your favorite mascara to make it waterproof. I loved this product because I’m not a fan of any of the water-resistant brands. This allowed me to make my favorite mascara impervious to water!

Eyebrow Pomade

Eyebrow Setting Gel

Cream Eye Shadow

Lip Balm (with SPF!)

Blotting paper


Setting Spray

Skincare in Thailand

Skincare in Thailand

Skincare in Thailand

Skincare in Thailand



  • If you don’t take anything else just remember to take you some sunscreen! The higher the SPF, the better. I loved Supergoop. It was so good that I hardly got a tan during my trip after just from one application a day. Mind you I’m brown BUT I usually get dark. I was actually a little disappointed in my lack of color but I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to my skin. One bottle of this lasted the entire trip but ALMOST ran out at the end. It was a bit pricey but worth it.

Bug Repellant Wipes

  • I had to get creative with my liquids due to the fact I only had a carry-on. I needed a lot of bug repellent so I opted for wipes. These did a great job for me as I only got bit twice the entire time. For the record, I only got a bit after I showered in my hotel room and hadn’t applied any wipes yet.

  • How to apply with sunscreen: Sunscreen first then wait 10-15 minute and wipe exposed body with bug repellent wipes.


  • I collect samples throughout the year from Sephora. I love using them on trips because they’re already small and travel-friendly.

Facial Spray

  • I put Thayer’s Witch Hazel in a small spray bottle. Makes a wonderful refresher and has aloe vera which is great for any sunburns.


  • You will encounter places with no toilet paper and you will be happy I told you to take these.

Wet Wipes

  • You will feel sticky a lot and want to wipe your hands.

Bar Soap

  • Doesn’t count in the liquid rule so it saves space in your toiletry bag





Hand sanitizer

Wearing hair natural in Thailand

Wearing hair natural in Thailand

Wearing hair in protective braids in Thailand

Wearing hair in protective braids in Thailand


African American hair care is nonexistent in Thailand. So if you’re black, brown, mixed, curly or kinky take your hair products with you. I’m natural so I don’t need any heat activated tools. However, if you do need these tools, make sure you pay attention to the voltage as the outlets in Thailand might not be able to handle them. Trust me, the outlets fried my iPhone cables.

I didn’t know how my hair would react in Thailand. I found that the best way for me to pack enough of my products was to have a protective hairstyle during the first half of the trip. I let my hair down for the second half of my vacation. I liked this solution as it was low maintenance and allowed me to see how my hair performed in the climate. Hair Products include:





Hair ties

Sock Buns

Edge control

Bobby pins

Mini rubber bands 

Shampoo & Conditioner

Visit my Thailand Travel: Makeup, Skincare and Hair Kit - If you’d like to purchase some or all of the same items I took on my trip.

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